V Major vom Schlos Rugland IPO3 Kkl1

We are very excited about this boy because he has great pigmentation, a very nice expression, good bite work and is the brother to 2 VA males in his litter.  His 2017 BSZS bitework is shown above. He will be available for stud to approved females who have certified hips/elbows and a current negative brucellosis test. We do live cover or ship fresh, chilled or frozen semen. See our stud contract for further details.

What is important to you in a stud? For me I first check the Pedigree and I look for a Titled IPO male with great temperament, pigmentation, and clear head.

The conformation rating of the dog is high on my list also. I of course want him to have certified hips and elbows. A good history of producing puppies that resemble him is important also.

The drive of the dog will mostly be passed onto the offspring so if you want high drive then look for that in your stud and female both.  If you are looking for a puppy for just a family pet or service dog then you probably want one with a lower drive.  The purpose of the dog should be kept in mind foremost.

We research bloodlines carefully to ensure that we breed the healthiest dog possible.  All dogs will come with a veterinarian exam and their first few wormings and shots that are due at 6 weeks.  For first pick of the litter a deposit is required and you must select your choice before the litter is 8 weeks old.  In the event we do not have a certain gender you selected, your deposit will go toward the next litter or you can select another puppy.  You must take the puppy to your veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving him. If anything is wrong with him health wise we will take the puppy back and replace it with another one.  We strongly suggest having your dog spayed or neutered after 18 mos old.  We also suggest having your dog microchipped.

We breed by the rules set forth by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany (SV) meaning our dogs have met all of these requirements:

  • Conformation Show rating of SG (Youth), V or VA
  • Hip and elbow certifications
  • Obedience Test (BH)
  • Endurance Test of 12 miles  (AD)
  • Breed survey by a German judge
  • IPO1 title for females, IPO2 title for males
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